I’d love your opinions on our wedding guest gifts

This blog seems to just focus on either baby bearing problems or wedding stuff, lol. Apologies but as of late, that’s what has been revolving around my head other than crafting and video games.

I have been working on wedding projects whenever I get time. One of these projects are wedding gifts that I made with the help of my maid of honor and her beau. The topic of wedding gifts arose when my dear mother saw a set of vintage keys, that are also bottle openers, on sale during her usual evening web browsing.

She exclaimed how they are so neat and that I should get them. I respond, “But I’ve already made the gifts I’m giving everyone. They’re little cork bottles with a mini beach shore and seashells in them along with a little letter telling everyo–”

Mother grimaces, “Who would want that? You should get these.”

Her words hit the “Oh shit” button in my head. I realized maybe all that hard work and effort in creating sea-themed terrarium bottles filled with a message of love will be all for naught. They’ll be temporarily awed and, if lucky, tucked away behind knickknacks in a kitchen drawer or desk.

People like to use their reception gifts: bottles containing mini showers of soapy, spherical joy, random shaped boxes filled with sugary, cavity-inducing deliciousness, … and secret garden-esque keys that double as bottle openers.

My gift idea–other than providing a nice tiny and eternal view of sand, seashells, and water made out of clear-dry glue *sigh* there is no other use for it. Unless you like storing little treasures in bottles? lol

Thing is, I already made the dang things. My family members and friends are taking them home one way or another! But to appease that need to have something [temporarily] useful, I will couple my handmade gifts with a sea-themed bottle opener.

What do you guys think? Should I go for some more pretty shells? Flip-flops that remind you of those cheap rubber sandals that blister your toes? Or maybe starfish that you won’t realize are actually bottle openers unless you turn them around?

I’m also open to other sea themed gift ideas if anyone has something that come to mind.