After picking Sean up from work, we made our way to the happening place nearby. Shops, restaurants, park, and mini-theater all wrapped into a chic, outdoor mall. We decided to go see Star Trek Beyond. I’m the Sci-fi nerd while my husband only agreed because nothing else playing interested him. He did manage to stay awake during the movie and had only closed his eyes to rest once, lol. He said it wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t his thing.

I did show him the trailer to the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie and he was stoked about that. I am too and knew it fell right into his favorite genre. What pulled me in was the personality twist it had on the old story. Arthur himself had a totally different persona about him that I hadn’t encountered before in all the versions that exist. It’s like he fell out of the world of Peaky Blinders! Something about that nitty-gritty, raw behavior that always pulls me in. It’s what pulls me in to most epic novels; shedding the heroic glamour and showing the grimier side of things.

Anywho, backtracking to the movie trip yesterday, I noticed something. The tidal wave that is Pokemon Go is crazy to witness! People were just sitting around the park and playing. Businesses were capitalizing on it as well by putting out signs that invited you to play in their cafe and have a discounted this or that. In truth, I am one of those 20-somethings who plays the game but not to the extent that I’d sit out in the 101 degree weather for the majority of the day. In fact, I’m seriously lazy. I’ll bust it out if I’m bored like I do with any other phone app game.

I’ve nixed every bit of eye-candy the game has. I turned off the feature that allows you to see the Pokemon through the phone camera showing them on whatever is currently around you. I also turned off the noise and vibrations that alert you when a creature is near. And lastly, I put on battery saver which the game so nicely provides in settings. It turns the screen black when you place the phone upside down. This actually allows the game to keep running but also allows me to not actually pay attention to it.

I did all that to keep me focused on my surroundings and not become another negative or stupidly tragic news story. As to why I even allow the game to keep running: As you level or visit Pokestops, the game gives you Pokemon eggs; you hatch them by walking. I’ll leave it on in my purse if I know I’m going to be driving or walking for awhile.

Lol, sounds a bit too much, eh? I’m sorry but I LOVE Sci-fi and Fantasy. Games really know how to play with that genre. Plus, it’s nostalgia for me and it’s something to enjoy doing with my husband. Well, it’s more of a competitive thing to do with my husband, lol.

Another game I’m revisiting is Minecraft. Visually, most people will think that game looks ugly and it’s purpose may appear stupid. But it’s very simplistic: survive, collect and build. Simplicity is a nice break from the stresses of life for me. When I’m not reading, drawing, or writing, I’m playing Minecraft. I’ll build structures to my hearts content. Recently I built a scary-themed roller coaster and took a few rides on it. I also invited my best friends to try the roller coaster out (they own the server I play on and they’ll play too when they get the time.) After building something really well, I revel in my ingenuity, hehehe. Ahhh, I’m such a nerd. But such is life~





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