Fortuna doesn’t like me right now

I’m beginning to learn that I should stop rushing and actually pay attention to what I’m doing. My body has been so unbalanced lately that my stupid mishap has really done a number in the pain department. All the ailments I’ve been through have already made me look sickly. And now, I look like the frikin’ Phantom of the Opera.

See, in my haste, I accidentally put body wash on my face instead of lotion. How can I confuse the two? It was a small travel bottle of body wash that looked a hell of a lot like my little lotion bottle. Also, for some odd reason it had the same consistency. Leaving that on my face the majority of the day made what was an already dry/dandruff-suffering face into a red desert of pain.

Yesterday my skin was puffy, hot, and slightly bleeding from skin crackling and breaking. Now it’s calmed down a bit and thanks to the Cortisone cream with aloe, it’s healing up. But I still look like I got slapped in the face with a jelly fish.

I would just like a break please! My back even seems to be getting worse and I’m barely keeping it in check with the Physical Therapy routine that was taught to me and the TENS Unit I bought.

I seriously feel like my body is going to keel over at any moment at this rate. 😦



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