The old lady across the street

This neighborhood is the quietest neighborhood I’ve ever encountered. Other than the occasional, distant barks of paranoid dogs, the most you’ll ever hear is the scampering of squirrels and chipmunks. I like it here. It’s probably the best intermediate place we could of picked in this busy body area.

The only thing that throws me off kilter is the old lady across the street. She’s at the age where her spine has arched over so much that she needs a walker to shuffle to wherever she bothers to go. The unnerving part is that she doesn’t ever say a word.

The first day we moved here is when I met her. I saw an adorable Maltese dog running over to me [out of nowhere] with his tongue flying. He is the epitome of carefree. I pet him and noticed that there was not a soul to be seen with him. As usual, my OH NO! meter flared up and I began looking around frantically for its owner.

The thoughts that crossed my mind were, “Did they lose their furbaby?! Is he lost?! If our furbabies were lost I’d want someone to bring them back to me!!!”

After scanning the entire area I decided to help the dog search for its home. He was actually looking back to make sure I was following him. Made me think of those dogs that wanted someone to follow them so their owner or other dog/cat companion could be helped.

I followed the dog across the street. He stopped on the sidewalk and just looked at me. I bent down to pet him again and check his collar for some sort of number to call. He kept wiggling so I kept having to sift through the several tags the owner had lobbed onto his collar. A couple minutes later I saw the old lady shuffle out of her house halfway.

If grumpy cat were human, she’d be a perfect fit for the part. Seriously, it was like all emotion had been sapped from her being so I couldn’t tell if she was pissed, annoyed, or nervous. I asked if the dog was hers and she nodded. I said I thought he was lost, smiled and waved good bye.

My “worry before thinking things through” habit may have screwed me over. She has probably branded me as a possible dog snatcher. I’ve only seen the dog two other times and he happily greeted me and frolicked off. And now so far I’ve seen her twice. The second time being today as we were turning into the neighborhood street we live on. She stopped her car completely at the turn point.

Now, she could’ve just been waiting for me to turn before moving herself. But she gave me a look that just made the whole thing awkward. Her head even turned to follow me as I turned. Maybe she’s semi blind? But if she was, why was she driving?!… and without glasses?! I tried to look away to ignore it after smiling awkwardly in greeting but she kept this hard stare and it just pushed me into this uncomfortable, peeved state.


I mean, how would you react to an unwavering, hard stare?


Anywho, I feel better now after venting.

K. I love you, buhbai!



Maybe I should stop driving…

I feel like a complete moron. What’s scary is how my brain completely froze…

An hour ago, as I was driving back home after dropping Sean off at work. I was on a 35 mph road that leads to our home. In the middle of this long road, a squirrel decides to bolt out, get hit by the car in front of me and then drag its mutilated and frantic self towards my car. I freeze. My brain goes into this mortified/shocked state and I stop my car. I then proceed to slowly drive around the squirrel.

The car behind me stops as well and honks at me. The person realizes the situation and cares enough to also evade the now dying squirrel. The third car wasn’t prepared for me or the car behind me stopping so the lady freaked out and turned her car into the dirt on the side of the road; a railing was also there so I was worried that she may have hit it and when I looked behind me I saw a rising cloud of dust and dirt in the air.

-UPDATE: I drove by the location again and saw the tire tracks. Her car wasn’t anywhere near the railing which ended several feet away from the actual location of where she had drove off. Just super glad she didn’t hit anything.-

My first thought was to make sure the others behind me, especially the third car, were okay. I didn’t want to block the road so I drove a ways down before making a U-Turn. I saw the car that was right behind me drive off when I was driving back to where everything happened. I kept driving and searched for the third car.

I spotted the third car. The lady had turned into a neighborhood and was investigating her car. I made another U-Turn so that I could go into the neighborhood and make sure the lady was okay. Right as I was turning into the neighborhood, she apparently had finished inspecting her car and was already exiting.

Seeing that no one stayed and no one was hurt, I decided to drive home. The third car was beside mine for a bit on the road until I turned into my neighborhood. I scanned her and her car one last time and she seemed focused (probably rattled but still focused) and her car looked fine.

I read about accidents involving squirrels. I wanted insight. Am I the only one that panicked because a creature decided to dart across the road?

Apparently a lot of horrible accidents have occurred because either a cat or squirrel had crossed the road and a car stopped for it. In one instance, multiple cars had collided and one had been head-on which killed a driver. My heart dropped. I could’ve caused something horrible because I panicked and stopped for a squirrel.

I won’t ever do it again but … I just feel like shit. Why did my brain panic?

I cried when I got home. I sat down, held my dogs close and cried. I care too much about creatures. But because I cared too much for one stupid squirrel, I unintentionally risked the lives of the people behind me.

I won’t let this happen again. The anxiety from it all is just tearing me apart. Thank god no one got hurt.