The Continuous Climb

It’s not fun moving forward with nothing in view—with no idea what’s ahead. This goes for both my health and life in general. Sean has no plans. Just sees the now. I wish to plan for the future but I’m so exhausted from the present ailments that it’s hard to keep focus.

I understand now why people with chronic pain become irritable and easily angered. The pain wears down on you. Makes it hard to focus and think clearly. I can tell things are very slowly improving—but it’s so slow it’s aggravating. The pain isn’t as often but still always gets worse after sleeping. Even with a new fancy topper the pressure of being on my back causes the area around my herniated disc to inflame and my nerve to go haywire. *sigh*

It’s funny. I traded off relief from my endometriosis with the pain of a herniated disc, lol. Can’t fek’n catch a break. Though I wonder if the two are related. The nerve issues and my endometriosis. Like what if my scoliosis messed with my nerves enough to block signals that were supposed to help regulate the uterus department? *shrugs* Just been wondering lately after studying more about these nerves running along my spine.

Anywho, besides the usual exercises, if you’re wondering what the heck I’m actually using to manage the pain while trying to allow my disc and nerve to heal, here’s a list.

  • Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia
  • Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad
  • Bone Broth Protein Powder
  • I will take one or two Tylenol a day if the pain is too bad from a night of sleep. I avoid Excedrin (helps rid pain fast but does weird stuff with my blood which I found out during a menstrual cycle) and ibuprofen (keeps messing with my heart.)


The biggest upset really in all this, is that I can’t get enough sleep. My sleep is constantly interrupted by this nerve. Sooo tired all the time. ( =__=) Zzz



Healing Up Slowly

Ahh man… this is a loooong, arduous road I’ve landed on. My uterus is on the mend still which is good. Still have yet to have my post op appointment and haven’t yet looked up any IVF places. I don’t plan to do either now until after we move to the new apartment this coming weekend.

What I have been doing is going to the Chiropractor. It’s been awhile and I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that in a previous post and I’m too tired to actually see if I did or not. My back/nerve pain was worsening especially after being in bed for a good week after the surgery.

I had a hunch that maybe physical therapy wasn’t enough. So I did some research, found a local chiro and made an appointment. They used a scanner that I had never seen before and rolled it along my spine and also took an x-ray. It looked bad. Heck, even the chiro who saw it said it was pretty bad and could tell I was in a lot of pain just by the results.

The two previous doctors I had seen for my spine and nerve pain said that my scoliosis didn’t have much to do with it. It’s an adolescent curve and is located in the upper region of my spine. They had prescribed me physical therapy, exercise, and suggested stem cell treatment.

I finally see the chiropractor and he explains that the whole reason the nerve is being pinched is because all my discs are being pushed by the curvature of my scoliosis. He says I need to decompress my spine and align it. So after a few weeks of doing this, I’m at a point now where I’m able to stand up straight again without horrible amounts of pain.

The problem though is that I’m unable to find relief when it comes to sleep. Our current mattress might as well be a slab of wood. Our old mattress which was like a cloud has move down to my parent’s new home down south. I read that a medium-firm mattress is what I need for my sciatica pain.

I did try all the suggestions my chiro gave me for relieving pain while sleeping but none of them work long. It’s like the pressure induces horrible inflammation and pain. Then I go through the process of walking around hunched until the inflammation calms down through an ice pack.

Sitting does seem to also make me go back to a hunched walk but I’ve been taught exercises that decompress my spine again and I’m back to normal. Lots of maintenance. Lots of battling inflammation. Lots of moments where I’m so tired from everything that I just pass out.

On another note, I found out why my heart was being wonky. I had been taking 600mg of tylenol or ibuprofen when able as my back pain increased. This was a couple months before the surgery. Then the amount went to 800mg while I healed from the surgery. My heart was really struggling at that point since I was taking 800mg each day for over a week.

As soon as I stopped taking ibuprofen and tylenol my heart seemed normal again. It wasn’t struggling anymore or making weird beats. I then was told that it’s pretty bad for the heart to take high amounts of ibuprofen often. So yea.. lol, I may have been unknowingly killing my heart slowly for a bit there. *shivers*

The more you knooow~