Design & a ‘lil Fertility on the Side, Please

Alright, so I tried to do another logo contest… #FAIL…

It’s disheartening how I keep failing. I don’t know why I’m so focused on logos but I love challenging myself by designing a single piece that will represent a whole company and its ideals. How come I can’t create designs like these?!

Seriously! When it comes to those type of logos, I always miss the mark. They’re so appealing to look at and they get across their meaning with such a refreshing simplicity. Oooone is the lonlieeest nuuumberrr~ ♪


Here are two logos that I had drawn up for contests I lost.

#1 This is for a product named FlexiBorder made by a company called EcoShape. The product is a border for your garden beds that can bend up to 70 degrees and is made with recycled materials. I chose to draw a plant shape that stood out to me and was different from what the others were using (i.e., trees and plant buds.) I had made the stem and leaves of my plant a stylized/abstract “F”. Coloring was off because I was trying too hard to keep to the green hues they had suggested. Despite losing, I do plan on getting some flexiborders myself for future gardening, lol.

#2 I’m not sure if it’s the name of a company itself or the name of the team the owner leads but it’s all about dog agility training and championships. Again, I tried to make a design that was different from the others being posted. But, alas, it was quickly declined.


Number One’s contest is still going and there isn’t a winner yet but the logo below is rated the highest so far:

Sweet and Simple. It also brings better attention to the product. Great work, Diana-ls!


Number Two’s contest was completed some time ago and the winning design can be seen below:

Doggy face cuteness~ plus they were able to incorporate the illustration into the company name without causing any visual interruption like mine most likely did. Good work, Seven_Art99!


Anywho, onto other news. The fertility clinic visit went well. We got the lowdown on what to expect and that there are many affordable ways to deal with cost. We will only have two options though for the actual impregnating process. The first is taking medicines that will prolong the ovulation cycle and have more than one egg go through to be fertilized. The second is IVF which can amount up to $10,000 but they have different plans for this option available.

Right now we’re entering the testing phase and seeing which path is possible for me and Sean. There’ll be blood tests, ultrasounds, and testing to see how my uterus looks and what parts are actually functioning correctly and which aren’t. Most likely, IVF will be the option considering the damage my uterus has undergone. Endometriosis acts almost like a glue. As it grows, it clings to anything near and around my uterus. My tubes may not even be able to move to pick up the egg that would be available to fertilize. *shrugs* We’ll see after all the poking and prodding is done.

Most of this testing will occur during my next menstrual cycle which I think will be arriving soon. *crosses fingers*





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