Derp-tastic :P

Alrighty, so I may have gotten things slightly mixed up about what was supposed to be done DURING the menstrual cycle. Our Fertility RN Coordinator explained that the HSG is done when the bleeding stops—heh heh, whooooops~~~

As for what needed to be done during the menstrual cycle, I was able to get done early this morning! WOOT! I had to get blood drawn and have an ultrasound. I’ll get the results of the blood test later today or tomorrow, I think. Our coordinator said she’d call anyway.

During the ultrasound there were two doctors taking a gander at my uterus. One of the doctors talked to me while the other handled the machine. The one talking to me had a sympathetic tone when saying, “Wow, three surgeries,” after she looked at my chart. Third times the charm though. She agreed my surgeon did well and that my uterus looked good. She also noted my right ovary looked clear of cysts and showed me where the growing endometriosis currently visible were. They didn’t say anything about my left ovary buuut I’m guessing the general remark of “looks good” applies to that ovary as well, lol. *shrugs* She did emphasize that I need to get started soon considering the history of my endometriosis.

On a side note: Ladies, if you have severe endometriosis/cysts/fibrosis and need a very proficient GYN surgeon in the D.C. area check out The Center of Innovative GYN CARE. Mind you, their surgery facility is out-of-network. You’ll be looking at a $5000 bill—that is if your health insurance will be kind enough to pay the $40,000 part of the co-insurance payment. Patients will only need to cover up to 10% of the co-insurance pay.

And if you get a message from your health insurance mentioning the bill is 80,000 and you have to cover everything after the $40,000 they’ll cover…do not go into frantic despair like I did, lol. The financial department of the surgery center and my health insurance rep were kind enough to explain everything to me despite my panicked and confused state. The insurance rep was great; she went out of her way to help me get all the facts and confirmations.

So yea, I’m feeling pretty good that I’m ticking things off the list of Fertility To-Dos. Still nervous about future costs of the actual IVF and whatnot but for now we were given info about everything before that. According to my health insurance, testing is covered at 90% subject to a $35 copay. HSG or Saline Sonogram/MOCK done will also fall under your outpatient surgery benefit which is covered at 90%. And obviously, infertility treatment such as IUI and IVF are both non-covered services.

By the way, I’m seriously hoping that a miracle will occur before the IVF even comes up, lol. I know it won’t happen but a girl can dream. It’d be nice to get magically preggers and not have to pay up to $10,000~ 😛



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