Thank God that someone was finally in billing the day I decide to call one last time. After my physical therapy this afternoon, I felt this urge to call the surgery clinic. A lady whose name sounded familiar (from when I called 3 months ago) answered, and I told her the scenario with the insurance claims and insurance letters and what ensued was interesting.

“Whaat? Oh no no no…” she starts. I’m just like “Huh?”

She explains that they don’t follow what the claims are saying nor that new claim I saw. And that they would never make the patients pay those amounts. She looked at my insurance info and my account info there and said I’d only have to pay $560. No one would ever make me pay what the insurance was saying I may have to pay. Though the amount owed also confused me some because someone, possibly she, ages ago said $5000 so I have no idea what’s going there but hey I’ll take the $560 and skip along happily to the fertility clinic.

I can continue my fertility journey and that is all that matters me to me.




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