Heh Say What Now?

I’m a bit confused right now.

So, I kept getting weird cramping last week and thought “Oh, I must be getting my period again.” Then my friend interjected, “But didn’t you just get that a week ago?” Cue extremely puzzled expression and grabbing the nearest calendar.

My friend was correct. I had gotten my period not too long ago. June 25th to be exact. And then I recalled all the hysterical whatnot I went through to get testing done for the fertility clinic. So why the heck was I feeling cramp-y and overly drained for??? I shake off the whole thing and blame it on my endometriosis acting up like usual.

Then today happens. I’m just working away at my cubicle when I take a deep breath and am graced with the sudden sensation of pissing myself. I sit there, eyes wide and wonder “Did I seriously just piss myself?” I took another breath and BAM, similar sensation but realize it’s coming from my uterus. I rush to the bathroom and see blood. My first thought “AUGH! It’s my period!” then I pause and rethink. It’s too fek’n early for my period. “AUGH! I’m dying!” cue flashbacks to a 12 year old me actually thinking she’s dying because she forgot periods were even a thing.

I notice something else about this blood. It’s watery. I heard at times when discharge mixes with blood it becomes watery. But why was I getting this and why so early if this was actually a very early menstrual cycle???

Google, dear disembodied friend, you have presented many explanations for me. Thank you.

First answer: “CERVICAL CANCER” … *illogical panic attack* *logic floats by* I already received word that no cancer was discovered during my surgical procedure down in my nether regions. *relaxes*

Second answer: “4 Causes for a Water Period & What You Can Do About it” … Thank you random person who decided to make an article about this.

  1. Post-Pregnancy Periodsnope, haven’t given birth
  2. Lighter Periodmost likely, but still really weird it’s so early
  3. Pregnancyyes, please?
  4. Labor Signsnope, jumpin’ the gun there~

During my cramping last week and wondering why I was receiving them so early, I ordered an early pregnancy test pack along with our usual monthly amazon pantry restocking order. Whether it be by fate or coincidence, that package was delivered today. So tonight we’ll rule out whether or not pregnancy is actually a factor in this watery blood scenario. If it’s not pregnancy, my gyno will be receiving an appointment with me where I can bombard her with questions and receive answers that will calm my brain down, lol.

The female body is such a tiresome and confusing entity.



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