Steady Change

It’s a breath of fresh air when you’re able to go down a path in life without having to receive an imaginative but fully felt stack of bricks to the head. I’ve been pushing myself to fulfill my business dream: creating art, making people happy with said art, and still earn some cents for sustenance. Since things are tough money wise at the moment, the urge to have food was a strong enough incentive to get off my arse and stop being scared to sell my art. Though it was also the encouragement I received from friends and family that made me have just enough confidence to take the plunge.

Sean’s job is making him do more for less. He can’t earn is usual commissions that made bills easier to handle because they have him filling in for someone they fired yet did not find a replacement for. And their job is a key component to completing all the service repairs because he was the parts coordinator. And weirdly enough, he was the only one who knew how to do his job. WHY THE HECK DIDN’T THE MANAGER THINK ABOUT THIS??!!!??? ( Ò_Ó ) Now he has Sean trying to clean up all the mess while doing all the other crazy stuff he normally has to do.

*inhale exhale* sorry, had to let that out.

ANYWHO, my branching out into the internet world and advertising my capabilities has actually been a fun experience. People saw my work, liked the prices, and now I have commissions trickling in every now and then. It’s not a lot and I’m only making enough for a couple meals. Though the first couple weeks I had a big enough queue to afford groceries. The money I get from selling my art allows the money Sean makes to go mainly to bills.

You would think everything would be fine now but other bills like a spay for the pup and ultrasound for my insides are still making bills slightly difficult to manage. The good news is that the puppy is healthy and has healed well and my ultrasound showed, that thanks to my handy dandy birth control, my endometrioma cysts are no longer active. The fibroids are still there and I can feel them but not having to deal with constant pain and inflammation is EXTREMELY GREAT. Three to four years on birth control should help clean up the mess the disease caused to my insides a little bit. Maybe even help shrink the fibroids.

The next chapter of our lives is just around the corner. After we move, there will be less pressure from rent pay (current rent is $1590 which eats up the majority of the earnings) and a chance to relax with Sean. He plans to take a two week break before looking for a job. I pray things keep looking up.

To manage my stress, I’ve been playing a lot of Ark. It is a game that throws you into the world of dinosaurs and forces you to survive by gathering food and materials and creating items and structures to help protect you and your group. It appeases my need to build. In reality, I really wish to build a bungalow for the doggies, Sean and I to live in. I also want to build a camper van because I want to experience the outdoors but I’m spoiled so no tents. Unfortunately we can’t afford to do either, lol. Sooooo, video games it is. But one day, I will build and I’ll post pictures of our hard work. ❤

Other than all that jazz, I’ve been packing and purging. I have way too much crap, lol. I’m actually going back to packing stuff after I post this up.

Before I head out though I wanted to say thanks to each of you who have followed me and supported me through your words and presence. 🙂 It’s helped very much through the ups and downs.