It’s weird when you start reaching life goals you’ve made for yourself. I wanted to change the setting of my life and finally did. I wanted to be closer to family I haven’t seen in ages so I have. I wanted to start freelance work so I did though this wouldn’t have been possible without my parents and husband. Because of their support I can afford to work freelance and develop my creativity.

All these decisions changed the safe routine I had led for so long. I’m walking in unfamiliar territory. This place works on a different mindset and different expectations. The people here all run at a different pace which we wanted but we’ve had to slow down ourselves to get used to it. I’m used to things getting resolved quick but here it takes time.

Oh by the way, we got a big surprise that was long awaited. The letter from USCIS for Sean finally arrived. He got the big okay from the government. He’s now a lawful permanent resident ❤. I stressed like a mofo about the length of the process. Stressed about it possibly taking even longer because of the move. But, like all things I over-stress about, it worked itself out.

Oh, and it seems the subjects of babies and treatment have followed me. My family spoke about natural ways and research done by people of the faith that can help me with my endometriosis and having a baby. Though one lady shared her knowledge as a midwife (for 40 years btw, wow!) for products and a regimen to help become fertile and conceive for women who have endometriosis. I kept that information for when I even want to try and go down that path.

By the way, the idea of birth control for my current solution for my endometriosis doesn’t sound good to some of my family. Not sure if it’s because they’re catholic and the church views it as a no no. Or if because they think it’s unnatural.

For any new readers to my posts: Women afflicted with the uterine disorder, endometriosis, develop cysts and scarring each menstrual cycle. In a bit more detail, it is when the tissue that is normally on the inside of the uterus or womb grows outside of the uterus or womb where it doesn’t belong. In some definitions they claim that it rarely spreads beyond pelvic organs. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. My stage 4 endometriosis is so aggressive that despite the surgeries and changes in diet and so forth, the cysts grew and spread too quickly.

The cysts and inflammation ruin everything. Within the past year it had developed to a point where my body couldn’t heal or function. I’d bruise so easily and the bruises took months to go away. And the even weirder part was my spine beginning to fall a part. I thought it was because I have minor scoliosis but there was more to it. The deterioration that was occurring was frightening and I don’t think those around me truly understood. I tried my best to explain but they don’t know how it feels. Endometriosis is still a foreign thing to them. I was in constant pain and felt like I was going to keel over at any moment.

Because of all that mayhem, I shrug off any negative views towards birth control.

Birth control allowed my period to stop which in turn stopped the cysts, scarring and inflammation. My bruises went away, my sciatica issues and back pain went away, my SI Joint dysfunction stopped, and my uterus began to heal. I could walk again and function again.

I was finally free from pain.

I don’t plan on staying on birth control forever and will find a better way to manage my endometriosis. And maybe I’ll join these endometriosis studies they have going on at some point… but not anytime soon. Like I’ve said before, I’m taking a break from it all. I need this time for recovering and growing in ways I didn’t allow myself to grow in due to fear and uncertainty.



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