There’s a painfully helpless feeling when you are unable to help the ones you love.

Some time ago, Sean’s mother said that they found something of concern with her last check up for cancer. This morning, Sean received news from his father about his mother’s lymph node tests. They apparently need to do more tests because they believe she may have some sort of cancer again.

Previously it was skin cancer that she had to deal with but overcame after surgery to remove sections where they found the cancer. I’m not sure if I heard Sean correctly this morning but I think he said “…if she does have something at least they caught it in her lungs early.” I have horrible hearing and I was too worried about him to have him repeat himself.

He’s clouded now. His mother is too because she didn’t want to talk about it and had went back to bed. I have this heavy weight on my chest filled with worry for Sean and anxiousness for his mother.

I wish I could do something. Anything that could help.

I want his mother to be okay. I want Sean to be okay. God I hope she’ll be okay.

I’m going to look for flights to Ireland this fall or early next year. Sean needs to be around his family.



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