About Us


So, this is how we started…

A young man rolling along in his life comfortably with no intentions of changing anything and a lady who had just recovered from a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy and focusing on becoming a happier, stronger individual. Then one peaceful night I [Jenn] decided, “You know what! I’m going to try out the game I was always too afraid to play before!”

“Game?” you ask.

“What, like Apples to Apples? Monopoly? Beer pong?”

No no no, not those kind of games. I’m a nerd, dork, geek, gamer – whatever label I would best fit in your mind.

lolI decided to play the E-sport game, League of Legends. Don’t know what it is? Google would better describe it. For me, it was another strategy game and I suck at those. It’s also a game filled with easily-angered, competitive players that will stomp your ego into the dust if you f’d up. I was lucky though. Not only did I have my Irish friend, Aaron (he was the one who got me more interested in the game), to help guide me but also three other European men who all seemed to have a way with words that would shut up any dolt who bothered to attack my noob-idity (totally making up words, I know.)

One of these European men is named Sean. He complimented my decent noob-iness and from that point on our friendship grew. It took a couple months before anything got quite so serious that Sean decided to upturn his current path in life and do a 180. He had ended a relationship that had lasted 6 years but was dead for the latter 3 years, he decided to return to college and aim for a better job, and then after another couple months he decided to meet me!

Oh lordie, was that fun to explain to our parents, “Hey mom! dad! I met someone online… on a game… and he’s from Ireland!” cue confused stare from dad and a “The hell you smoking?” look from my mom. Sean’s parents were also thrown off but weren’t able to give it full attention at the time. His family did remind him though of the show Catfish and how horrible things could become should I really be a creepy, crazy person hiding in a basement. But, neither Sean or I were worried due to the fact we had skyped every day and night. In the beginning it was through voice chat but then we began using video to be able to see our reactions and daily lives in motion. So, we knew each other pretty well by the time Sean came to visit me and my parents. I even went the extra step of making sure my parents got to talk to him through Skype occasionally.

bunrattyOnce he visited, we knew this was it. We got along just as well in person and we didn’t want to let go of each other. And so began the journey of our trying to be together. He proposed to me once on Skype then again in person when I went to Ireland. We had sent off the Fiance Visa packet and the whole thing took over a year and I tell you what… that time was hell. Yes, we had brief bouts of happiness when we got to visit each other, but damn that wait and stress of not knowing how long the process would really take *shivers* – it drove us mad countless times. I blame the blockheads who exploited the process just to get into the U.S. They turned it into a maze of hoops that causes stress and pain to those who actually just want to be with the person they love.

Once Sean’s visa petition got accepted and he received his visa in the mail, it all became a blur. He was by my side within a week. Then we had a civil marriage, got a dog, and moved out into an apartment (I will never live in an shitty apartment again.)

This blog is where I plan on making future updates.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Okay, this bio weirds me out a little, because we have a creepy amount of similarities!
    1. I met my now-husband on a game too. (He still plays League. I won’t because everyone is an ass on there lol)
    2. He was dating someone for 6 years until we became a thing.
    3. My parents thought I was going to get murdered from meeting someone online lol
    4. We are going through a similar fertility issue as you.

    So… wanna be best friends? 🙂 Ha

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